Dress Code 101: Office Holiday Party Style

The holiday office party. A time for co-workers to mingle, have fun and enjoy the holiday season. Don't use poor fashion etiquette and judgment when attending a work event. Women in the workforce have to work hard enough to build a professional image, one that can easily be ruined by using a work function to strut the goods with clothes that are inappropriate or too revealing.The key is finding balance between work and play, read how with these simple tips.

Holiday Fashion Faux Pas

It may be a festive party but it doesn't mean that you should get too carried away with it. Find a balance between festive and normal with what you're wearing. Do not wear novelty socks, excessive holiday colors and items like reindeer antlers. Channel the season with pops of green and red color like red pumps or a green silk blouse (not together). Unless the party has an ugly sweater theme, steer clear.

Best Holiday Party Fashion Choices

With the sparkle of snow and Christmas lights, glitter and sequin have long since been a holiday fashion favorite and are super trendy this winter. Glitter accessories like pumps, clutches and belts are great festive accents while sequins sweaters are modest and fun.


Be sure to match bright sparkling pieces with plain counterparts like black skinny jeans to avoid looking like a living holiday decoration. It's hard to not look amazing in a classic red or black dress. Pick one you feel pretty in and avoid anything too tight. Embellished accents on everything is also a big trend this season. 

Bags, shoes, collars, dresses, hair accessories— adding statement pieces to a simple outfit is chic and can be festive. Try long, thin button-up blouses with a pair of red skinny jeans and plain pumps or booties. Layer with colorful blazers and subtle print trousers that you might not wear on a typical work day. Sheer, lace and patterned tights are great with a simple skirt and blouse and red lip-stick brings color to any outfit. And finally you can never go wrong with the classic LBD (little black dress).

{Inspiration from Valentino Spring 2013}

ASOS In Your World { S/S '13 Collection }

With Asos's new Summer collection launch today, my world just got a whole lot more chic.

The look is undenyingly feminine and retro chic with an abundance of pretty A-line, embroidered and floral printed sun dresses to choose from.

 I can already think of so many excuses to wear these gorgeous frocks in the up coming warmer months and just in time for the Spring Racing Carnival and a few Summer weddings to look forward to.

The Asos In Your World collection is exclusive and first for Australia but you can shop conveniently online as always with a few of my favourites here

Transition Summer Favorites into a Fall Wardrobe

Fall is upon us and many of us are still working with our summer wardrobes. The weather in some areas is a little cooler, inspiring a fashion enthusiast to begin looking at changing-up their wardrobe to reflect the new season. Others living in regions that stay seasonably warm during the first couple of months are still wearing shorts and sandals.

Fashion dictates that when the seasons change, so should our wardrobe. Spring is for bright colors, cotton tees, and casual wear, while summer is for floral prints and crop tops. Fall, like the leaves on a tree, expects us to shed the bright pastels and sandals and don the appropriate attire to compliment the earthy tones of autumn.

It is possible to design your own fashion sense of style during the fall season and incorporate some of your summer wear into your wardrobe with subtle blending of two distinct seasons that will keep you comfortable and in style.

Handheld Leather

Making a big splash this fall is the leather handbag, Purseblog states. Large leather handbags are a great addition to an outfit but the neutral colored tote you used during the summer works just as well. With its neutral beige color, it will blend in with any color you choose to wear. A beach-type tote made from woven straw is both roomy and lightweight.

Keep It Tight

Tights or leggings are not just for wearing with a tutu. They are the perfect enhancement to any outfit. Wear your favorite summer frock with a pair of tights and fall-inspired boots, or shoes. With the addition of these two elements, you have created an upbeat look for an old favorite.

Layers Upon Layers

Layering clothes is a positive process on many levels, according to Glamour Fashion. For traveling, it assures you will be warm or cool depending on the temperature on a plane, train, or ship. With fashion, it serves the same purpose. Wear a bright summer tank top as a spark of color layered with a blouse and a darker color sweater or jacket.

Bright & Warm

A light yellow, creamy ivory, soft tangerine, or refreshing mint green scarf that brightened up your summer outfit makes a beautiful accessory to enhance the colors of fall. Drape around the collar of a dress, top, sweater, or jacket to liven up the outfit. Intertwine a solid autumn colored scarf with the pastel for a bold fusion of color. Add summer jewelry, such as a pin or broach, to the scarf for a fun, flirty look.

Sunny Side

Nothing says summer louder than floral patterned sun dresses. For fall, try pairing the sun dress with a long-sleeved solid colored pullover shirt or wear a leather jacket. Accessorize with a belt, tights or leggings, and a pair of boots to turn your summer dress into an autumn delight.


Summertime and sheer blouses go hand in hand to create a casual or elegant look to pants or evening attire. Bring those lovely blouses to the fall season by simply adding a vest to the outfit. The summer lightness is still apparent but toned with a solid or patterned autumn colored inspired vest. Accessorize with jewelry to highlight the colors of the vest and blouse.

Zac Posen { Spring Summer '13 NYFW }

In hues of blush, teal and sorbet lemon, infused with floral prints, New Yorker Zac Posen showcased his Spring / Summer 2013 collection at New York Fashion Week in an ode to old world Hollywood glamour. 

As I watch the Emmy Awards tonight, I can't help but wonder how many of these gorgeous and divinely designed gowns will make their way down the Red Carpet in the upcoming awards nights. 


London Style { Inspiration }

It's about time we discussed the city that sets much of the world's eclectic trends. Londoners are known in the fashion world for being a little bit weird; c’mon, it’s true, they clash everything and mix up trends until they’re no longer recognisable, all in the name of fashion. Compared to the other capital cities across the world, their idea of style might be a little crazy, but it’s there nonetheless and nothing shows this more than the enthusiasm for prints and neons that took the London by storm this year.

Londoners definitely benefit from having the great British high street to choose from, as well as designer boutiques, charity shops and the vast numbers of vintage shops to trawl through in their quest to find a unique look. Every new trend is picked up here and paraded around for all to see, and designers are often known to take their inspiration from the outfits they see in and around the city.

Practically anything goes here, and the only tool you need to emulate these fashion forward Londoners is confidence; wearing whatever you feel whilst looking like you own the place is the best way to pull any outfit off – no one’s going to question it, rather they’ll wonder how you put it together and make a mental note to try something similar!

 One of my favourite places to shop for London style is House of Fraser; this luxury department store delivers British style around the world and showcases up-and-coming designers and fashions on their blog and Pinterest.

{ I’ve put together a long list of clothes here from House of Fraser
1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9/10/11/12/13/14 }

Shopping with a { Personal Stylist }

I must confess, the last couple of weeks have been nothing but crazy busy, and as we enter August, I can't help but be somewhat relieved that its finally a new month. As usual, there have been a few too many "I just have nothing to wear" moments that naturally go hand in hand with a busy schedule.

And so, decided to take charge of a wardrobe malfunction and find out there's been as very simple solution all along: a Personal Stylist.
Sure, you hear about them all the time, every famous person has one, and so they should because they can afford them right? Wrong. Actually, Personal Stylists have been so very accessible to to all of us this whole entire time.

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale { Fall Favorites }

Announcing one event I've had marked in my calendar for almost a year. With Summer more than half way through, in true fashion, Fall trends are already under way with my favorite one stop fashion house, Nordstrom, launching their once a year Anniversary Sale today! This means we can now preview and pick some amazing items in advance and even better yet, have the chance to do so at special Anniversary Sale preview prices.

New Season must have for Fall
You can find so many amazing labels with some of my favorites such as Rag & Bone, Michael Kors, Kate Spade , Truth & Pride biker leather jacket and Burberry to name a few. There's a heap of chic up and coming looks to choose from here for next season.

The best part of it being, unlike other sales, the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale offers one off items that have not yet been released for Fall, giving us the chance to update our wardrobe in advance at post season prices - I always love a savvy purchase, you can find your pre-Fall favs here at Nordstrom too. (prices of next season items go back up August 6th)