Chanel Paris-Bombay affair {Métiers d'Art. Paris}

A man who needs no introduction in the fashion world, Karl Lagerfield, last week showcased an extravagant tribute to the talented group of people behind the luxe fashion house of Chanel, in true Parisian- Bombay style and bringing a taste of Rajasthan to Paris. 

Luxurious and over the top, a lavish evening show fit for the Maharaja, took place at Chanel's Grand Palace home transformed with two sweeping banqueting tables, crystal chandeliers and trays of Indian delicacies presenting guests with a decadent high tea. A grand feast for the guests and a sure teaser until the unveiling of the clothes. (according to Grazia daily U.K)

The models paraded in regal attire of silk saris, shades of fuchsia, snowy white, gold and silver; in tweed dresses and coats; in swathes of pearls; in metallic saris and embroidered jumpers, hand-painted floral motifs and heavily kohl-rimmed eyes. Meanwhile, the floor was scattered with sequins, sand and rose petals. (New York Times)

Lagerfield never visited India before, his dreamy take on India was Parisian chic as he cast himself as the Queen of Hearts, pronouncing he was inspired by India because ''even the poor have dignity where women own three gold bracelets''. (Sydney Morning Herald Sun)

Lagerfeld said India is in an era where the glamour is imperial, rather than Bollywood. An abundance of hand embroidered embellishments with gilded designs, luxurious raw silk and embroideries of the collection part of the Metiers d'Arts series, showcasing the craftsmanship of the couture ateliers that Chanel now owns. A true celebration of eastern luxury meets western haute design.

For me, India will always hold a special place in my heart, the place where my parents met and married as well it being the home of the Lotus Baha'i temple. To this day I am yet to visit the country I hear so much about of the charm of it's people and breathtaking colours and sights. But plans await to fulfil such a dream and hopefully in the near future, so you can only imagine the excitement when I first found out about Chanel's infusion with the exotic style of India.

Until the next travel journey to the East and afar, you may want to read more on this beautiful fashion fusion of Chanel's Indian affair in articles herehere and here.

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  1. love it!

  2. Lovely photos, that show was breathtaking and the clothes and jewellery were all so beautifullll! Thanks for sharing!!

  3. although i loved the decoration, make up and jewels, i wasn't really into the clothes Karl featured this season. yes they were beautiful but i can't see people wearing them, i am not sure how wearable they are.
    hmm that may be me though,
    i love their "byzantine" collection of last year.
    lure of the dark side blog

  4. wowww this is just so awesome :)
    being an Indian this holds a special place.. Lagerfield is a genius!!!
    loved ur blog babes :)
    I'm a blogger frnd of Shalanda. and now ur newest subbie :)


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