The perfect {Red Lipstick}

"Beauty, to me, is about being comfortable in your own skin. That, or a kick-ass red lipstick."~ Gwyneth Paltrow

The traffic-stopping hue is this seasons hottest shade. Red bold lips stole the spotlight on the Fall runways. With holiday soirees just around the corner, there is no better time to vamp up your pout. Whether it be a sheer glossy, dramatic ruby, bold long lasting matte, there's sure to be a perfect red for every complexion.

If you're like me and get nervous at the thought of dramatic lip colour with the fear of looking rather clownish, never fear help is here. A friend and I spent a week road testing over a handful of different red lipsticks in quest to find the perfect red.We begun with numerous visits to several beauty counters to Sephora, MAC and Nordstrom, resulting in both agreeing that not one shade of red lipstick was identical to another.

Here is a selection of different shades sure to help you find that one special shade for each of the following complexions:

         For fair skin try Rouge Allure Velvet Somptueuse, by Chanel $32

For Medium or Olive skin try Velvet Matt Lip Pencil in Dragon girl, $24

        For dark skin with cool undertones we found MAC Lipstick in Ruby Woo, $15

To further read on other complexions not covered here, you can find more tutorials on finding that perfect rouge of red for your lips >> Here

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  2. great post, the quote is so cool !
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  3. Oh i love this post! I'm actually currently sporting a Rimmel London dark red lipstick to work today!!!:) My sis got it for me from London:D

    I love these photos, sooo gorge:D
    Yes, dark red lips defo isn't for the faint hearted but i think, once you try it, there's no turning back (kinda like chocolate,lol)! Well, that's the case for me anyway,hehe.


  4. Wow, amazing soiree!
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