G'day {Australia Day} foodies

As an Aussie expat living abroad for a few years now, I most often get asked the question of "what is Australian food?" Today being Australia day gives me the perfect opportunity to give a quick run down for those of you who have always wondered about our young nation's food culture and its laid back lifestyle.

We consider our country as a melting pot of many international influences brought to its shores by a vast immigrant population. On a typical Australia Day, many enjoy the summer's day outdoors either by by the pool, beach or park, in true blue Aussie tradition, and to celebrate the day with a great group of mates (buddies, friends), over a grilled barbie (barbecue) made up of lamb, pork chops, snags (sausages), shrimp and the most amazing seafood I have ever tried, even after traveling much of the world.

And of all Aussie delicacies, let's not forget the famous meat pie, as seen here, with variations such as shepherds pie which is the same as a meat pie except with mashed potato on top of the pastry and lots of lots of Tomato sauce (ketchup). And for the acquired taste, is the iconic Vegemite spread.

As a child I would eat Vegemite for breakfast, lunch and tea. Much like the 60's jingle suggests, I was one very "Happy little Vegemite", and even to this day, after living abroad for a few years, there was always a reason for a package to be sent by my family, to ensure handy supply of the unique home grown, salty spread known as Vegemite.  
And whenever I leave Oz (Australia), my luggage consists of multiple squeezable tubes in convenient traveling packs, it's honestly one of the only delicacies that gives me a true taste of home whenever I am far, oh that and a good box of BBQ shapes and Tim Tams, (but more on that later). It's no wonder why we still call Australia home. 

For more cultural foodie finds, visit the lovely Food Monster's blog here, or perhaps you are a fellow Aussie living in the USA too, check out the Australia week events here by G'day USA.

And no matter where in the globe you are today, have a very Happy Australia Day!



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  2. aaah i really miss summer! Great blog!



  3. that prawns made me feel so hungry! <3 love prawns with all my heart!

  4. Cool post!


  5. So you're originally from aus? :D

    Unfortunately this year australia day was spent indoors!


  6. I really enjoyed this post, the food all looks so delicious! I haven't tried vegemite yet, it's nice that you get to take a little bit of Australia with you when you go travelling!

  7. Beautiful pictures, looks like so much fun! <3


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