Australia bound {home is where the heart is}

There's an exciting feeling inside that makes me want to shout, as excited as I was all those times before setting out on my numerous overseas trips, jet setting on to a new adventure. Yet, this time around that same  feeling dosen't involve exploring a new destination but rather re-visiting a place I've always called home

After moving abroad, it's been a long nine months since I last was in Australia, a beautiful country I proudly call home.  Although Australians are known for their love of travel, its only after being far and away from the Great Southern Land that one realises how great it really is and that there's no other place like home. 

And so as I set out for a new adventure, this will be a different sort, the type that lets you re-visit the places that are apart of who you and make you know how far you've come along this journey of finally arriving back home. 

The next two weeks I'm very excited to be back home in Melbourne, the city I grew up in, as well as making a short visit to Sydney along my stay for Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. And as always there a few little things I still miss during my time away and can't wait to re-visit whenever I'm back home. Looking forward to many walks on Brighton beach by my family home, dinners with old friends, shopping in the very chic downtown district of Melbourne City, ocean views of Sydney harbour and the easy going Aussie pace of life, and after many journeys abroad, who would have thought I would be planning my vacation to be spending it at home.. as always much deserved after a very long thirty hour journey to say G'day from Texas U.S.A...

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