Easter Egg Pastel Nail Polish

 I've become a little over obsessed with the baby coloured hues in almost everything. With pastels normally only seen during this time of the year at Easter, lets just say I'm a little eggstatic that pastels are here to stay. For those of you that follow me via Instagram you may of also seen a few images popping up here and there.  I may of gone a little overboard when finding too many of these adorable pastel shades in almost every nail polish line. And so the past few weeks have been a good excuse for some experimentation with the different pastel nail colour options available just in time for Spring as well as to fit any budget. I picked up a few of my favourite in Essie in She's Picture PerfectSally Hansen in Mint Sorbet and Revlon's Suede Pastel Collection  and of course as always, nail polish favourite OPI with their gorgeous New York City Ballet dreamy soft pallet. So instead of painting Easter eggs this weekend, why not paint your nails in Easter egg colours?
Wishing you all a very Happy Easter weekend!


  1. Nice post...inspire me!Great blog!
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  2. Gorgeous pastel colour post. Great inspirations.


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  3. I love Easter, just for the pastel colours! It's a nice comparison to Christmas with all the rich deep colours!
    Very beautiful pictures! :) xx


  4. thanks for your lovely comment on my blog :)
    stunning colours, so pretty! xx.

  5. I am so LOVING the colors of pastels right now. I used to not care for them, but now I'm obsessed with them! I need more in my closet for sure! Great inspiration post!
    Shasie of Live Life in Style
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  6. Such pretty pastel pictures!!!! very inspiring. I'd really love to find a nice mint green top. I saw one on asos recently, I might have to get it!



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